Timeline of Pikemen at Salem Pioneer Village, Saturday 12 August 2017: Cancelled

Update:  This event has been cancelled by the organizer, as one of the groups that had planned to participate turned out to be unable to attend (waaah!), which would have resulted in an unsatisfactory program.  The organizer plans to try to reschedule for next year, with a longer lead time and more groups involved.

Original post:
We will be part of a timeline of three centuries of pikemen at Salem Pioneer Village 1630 on Saturday 12 August 2017.  This will be the first time in several years that we’ll be at Pioneer Village, which is a terrific site originally built for Massachusetts’ tercentenary.  We’ll be there with The Company of the Wolfe Argent (to which Paul and Andy also belong), who represent a bande d’ordonnance of Charles the Bold from 1474, and with The Guild of St. Maurice, also known as Das Geld Fähnlein, who represent a Bavarian Landsknecht company of the early sixteenth century.  This should be a fantastic event for late-medieval and early-modern military re-enactors.  Come see it!

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